The Lewis School for Gifted Learning Potential is a private, non-profit
extension of Youngstown Christian School designed to specifically meet the needs
of gifted and talented students in Grades 3-6 extending to Junior High in the 2015-2016 school year. The school is located in downtown Youngstown, OH.

The Lewis School provides infinite opportunities for gifted and talented
students in the fine arts (art, music, and literature), the sciences
(mathematics, physical and life science, and engineering), and the humanities
(philosophy, theology, and history). Focused on preparing 21st century learners
in the context of deeply rooted Western traditions, the Lewis School connects
the past with the future to prepare well-rounded, highly competent learners
ready to face the challenges of a changing world.

The Lewis School is part of the Youngstown Christian School system, which
connects students to broader school life and opportunities, including sports,
extracurricular activities, and a diverse student body. Students at the Lewis
School have all of the advantage of individualized instruction, small student to
teacher ratios, and advanced curriculum, while enjoying the benefits of being
part of a larger school community.

Sara M. Reichard, Ed.S., R.N.
Head of School

The Lewis School is led by the highly qualified and competent administrative
leadership team of Youngstown Christian School. Mrs. Sara M. Reichard serves as
the leader of the Lewis School. Mrs. Reichard holds an Education Specialist (Ed.S.)
degree in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University, a Master of Letters (M.Litt.)
degree in Family Life Education from the Oxford Graduate School, and is also a
Registered Nurse. Having specialized in gifted education and developed the
gifted education program at Youngstown Christian School, Mrs. Reichard has a
passion for rigorous, creative, and research-driven education tailored to meet
the needs of individual learners.


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The Lewis School for Gifted
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